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What’s on Brits motorists ‘minds today?

Monday, July 15th, 2013

Nowadays 30 million car drivers are found in the UK and, with these huge numbers, it is really worth asking what British motorists really care about.

RAC has been creating yearly motoring reports for 25 years, underlining the main concerns and ever changing interests related to the driving experience. Some of the main aspects covered in the report are: fuel and insurance prices, young drivers, road safety but also going green when buying a new car.

When it comes to road safety, it is reported that two thirds of motorists think road rage has lately worsened instead of getting better and that other drivers ‘courtesy is less common as well. On the other hand, the majority of drivers also think that cars are much safer today.

Over half of drivers believe that the cost of motoring is the most significant change in the past 25 years and most of them feel they are much more dependent on their cars than they were in the past.

84% of motorists stated that the conditions of their roads have worsened and half of them are, on the other side, unhappy with the amount of motoring taxes they pay.

The costs of driving are obviously one of the main concerns as insurance seems to affect individuals’ budgets significantly, especially when it comes to young drivers.

A section of the report is also specifically focused on future motoring predictions; as an example, the predicted amount of petrol cars that will have to use unleaded petrol in the future will get to 85%. It also seems that half of the full amount of cars currently circulating will be banned from city centres as they have introduced pedestrian-only areas.

In general terms, a green trend can be noticed when it comes to choosing a new car with 8 drivers out of 10 taking this point into consideration.
Overall, the report gives an interesting overview of the driving scenario with interesting graphs illustrating the most significant trends.