Georgia’s story: Surviving my horrific motorcycle crash


My story - On the 19th of August 2012 aged 19 my world was turned upside down. Me and boyfriend Joss had spent the day at the Safari Park before heading back to his and then traveling to my house.

We had spent the day traveling on his motorbike as always with him riding and me as pillion passenger. When we entered the usual island on the way to my house it all went horribly wrong, Joss got in the correct lane and indicated safely to our usual exit. When another driver coming off the dual carriageway failed to stop or slow down and as Joss tried to swerve, hit us.

Joss was thrown to the floor dislocating his collar bone and I was thrown into the air. Somehow the same driver then managed to drive over my body (suspected over my helmet and legs) and drag me a further 10 meters or so before coming to a stop with me trapped beneath the car.

The driver and passengers including a child got out with me trapped underneath. Luckily I remember none of that but became conscious again for a minute or so underneath the car. Another driver was laying on the floor in front of me holding my hand trying to keep me awake, I couldn’t converse with him then, but I would love to thank him for that. I could hear myself screaming that I couldn’t breathe and I couldn’t move my legs, the only pain I recall was the side of my face on the road and I can remember my mouth was full of blood.

I remember how hot the road felt on my cheek as my helmet had been ripped up, I couldn’t stay awake and I was desperate not to die. I lost consciousness again and several ambulances arrived, the fire crew used inflatable bags to lift the car as an air ambulance with a specialist team on board arrived, administered emergency treatment and decided to anaesthetise me on the road. My mum was told I probably wouldn’t make it and after being flown to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital major trauma centre in Birmingham, I spent 3 days in a coma and 6 weeks in hospital in intensive care, trauma wards and burns units before coming home to begin a massive road to recovery.

My long list of injuries include - Severely Broken Femur requiring permanent fixture with plates and screws, 7 pelvic breaks including the hip socket, fracture of the sacrum, lumbar 5 spinal fracture, wrist fractures, fractured jaw. Second degree road burns to my shoulder, hip, chest, chin and scalp from being dragged by the car. Resulting in hair removal, surgery and permanent scars. My liver burst and was torn in two places, my lungs were bruised and filled with fluid requiring lung drains. Deviated nasal septum and left nostril torn away and stitched back on.

Full thickness third degree burn to my back from being stuck to the cars exhaust pipe. These required skin grafts and intensive therapy resulting in severe scarring. Almost a year and a half on I have only just moved back upstairs at home and am slowly progressing with my walking with weekly intensive physiotherapy but still use a wheelchair. For 9 months I had to use a commode instead of a toilet and shower at someone else’s house who had disabled facilities. My life has been changed by someone else’s actions and now I blog about my experience in an attempt to raise awareness of motorbikes and road safety in general.

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