Benefits of joining our Company Car Scheme

Collision Costs

The costs of collisions to business tend to be grossly underestimated. Minor road accidents with a typical £3,500 repair bill can actually double when these extra costs are considered.

  • Insurance excess
  • Increase in insurance premiums
  • Replacement vehicle rental charges
  • Reduced resale value of company vehicle
  • Drivers Compensation costs (spoilt clothing personal belongings)
  • Driver down time
  • Sick Pay
  • Temporary staff
  • Equipment
  • Administrative costs of processing insurance claim
  • Costs associated with delivery delays
  • Legal fees 

Indirect costs:

                  Loss of Customers
                  Loss of Reputation

Likely cost benefits of joining RoadDriver

Company vehicles are not merely a means of transport; they are a moving representation of how your business is run. Subscribing to RoadDriver can bring a number of benefits to your operation:

  • Improve driver morale by enabling management to accurately reward good driving behaviour through positive feedback.
  • Highlight errant driving behaviour before it escalates.
  • Identify future driver training needs.
  • Help improve driver skills levels.
  • Enhance the overall professionalism of your company drivers.
  • Reduce the number of accidents or near misses.
  • Lower the number of speeding and illegal parking fines.
  • Encourage defensive driving skills.
  • Lower fuel consumption through better driving practices.
  • Reduced maintenance and repair costs as drivers exercise better care of their vehicles.
  • Fewer incidents equal lower insurance premiums, legal fees and injury claims.

Improve your company’s public image as people associate our safety message decals with a commitment to their own personal safety.

The scheme will work effectively if it forms part of an overall Work-Related Road Safety Policy. The scheme gives management a measurement tool to appraise a driver’s ability to drive at a high standard 100% of the time. If the scheme is promoted and administered in a positive manner, it will help encourage driving pride and a culture of road safety. 

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