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Suitable Footwear Advice for Women Drivers

Recent research has shown that many women drivers in the UK are putting themselves and other drivers at risk by wearing the wrong footwear. Choosing style over safety can and has lead to accidents. Inappropriate footwear can slip off the controls wedging your feet between or under the foot pedals.

Sadly, lots of women drivers chose what shoes to wear based on what matches their outfit rather than what is most comfortable and safest to drive in.

Unsuitable footwear for driving:

  1. Thick soled shoes - (10 centimeters plus) are unsuitable for driving as they prevent the driver from judging the correct pressure to apply to the foot pedals in order to brake and accelerate safely.
  2. High heeled shoes – This type of shoe has been shown to dig into the cars foot mats and can get stuck.  Also high heels tend to elevate your feet to a forty five degree angle which hinders the safe operation of the cars foot pedals.
  3. Wide trainers – Can cause you to step on two pedals simultaneously and can get trapped between or under the foot pedals.
  4. Flip-flops – These are totally unsuitable as they give no support and can easily slip off the cars foot pedals.
  5. Sandals – Like flip flops they give little if any support and can easily slip off the foot pedals.
  6. Bare feet – Wearing no shoes is unsafe as it makes it difficult to judge the required pressure on the foot pedals and in an emergency situation it is doubtful that you could apply sufficient pressure to the brake pedal.

Suitable footwear for driving:

  • Trainers – Must have flat thin narrow soles with low arches.
  • Plimsoles – Suitable provided they have a hard sole, lace-up's are best.
  • Low-heel boots - Suitable with thin narrow soles.
  • Tennis shoes – Lace-up Green flash type.
  • Flat slip-ons - Safe and comfortable for driving.
  • Flat-lace ups - Very safe and provide the best comfort for driving.

Suitable Footwear Safety Advice for Women Drivers

Tips and Advice – Article No 10 RoadDriver 2010

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