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Three Steps of Driving




Taking control of these 3 steps will help ensure your driving independence.

We all age differently, and though it's certain that we will have some deficiencies as we age, some of us fare better than others. Some say (mainly the young) that everyone over a certain age should simply stop driving. This is both unfair, impractical and would be a huge burden on society. 

For most people, driving represents freedom, control and independence. Driving enables us to get to the places we want to go to at our own convenience and at a pace that suits. For some, driving can represent a means of earning a living and for those who live in rural areas; it can mean the only form of reliable affordable transport.

However, the act of driving is a multifunctional skill that requires a good level of co-ordination and a high degree of concentration. Discover how your body's ageing process can affect your ability to function well and what physical and mental changes take place that can affect your driving capabilities.

Take control and find out from your doctor or mobility expert what you can do to help your health and mobility in order to safely stay behind the wheel and keep your independence.

You can also find help and useful information at: www.mis.org.uk

Older Drivers - Safety Advice for older drivers.

Take control:  Three steps of driving - Tips and Advice - Article No.12 RoadDriver 2010

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