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We all know what an aggressive driver looks like!

Does this driver sound familiar?

  • Your Ten minutes late for work and driving just a bit over the speed limit when the traffic lights ahead turns amber.  You know that you are not quite close enough to make it, but you feel you cannot afford to wait, so you step on the pedal and speed up through the junction just as the light turn's red.
  • You change lanes to overtake a slow-moving lorry on a three-lane motorway when you find a car sitting in the outside lane going about the same speed as the lorry. You are already exceeding the speed limit by about 10mph when you get right on the cars bumper,  you toot your horn and flash your lights until they pullover to let you pass.
  • You are on the way to pick the kids up from school when you come across a slow-moving vehicle. You know the road ahead is narrow and bendy with double white lines, but if you wait you realise you will be late for the kids, so you overtake on a blind bend narrowly missing an oncoming vehicle.
  • You are on a dual carriageway when you faithfully merge to the left when you see the sign announcing a lane closing ahead. After waiting 10 minutes in line, yet another car comes driving down the empty right-hand lane and tries to merge in front of you. You are so enraged that you step on the accelerator to close the gap between you and the car in front.

That showed him, He won't be cutting in front of me today!

So who is the aggressive driver?   It just might be you!

We all know what an aggressive driver looks like!  Tips and Advice Article No23  RoadDriver 2010

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