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How to keep within the Speed Limit

Think Smart - Act Smart - Drive Smart  

  1. Read the Highway Code and familarise yourself with the various road signs that will help you comply with road safety laws. Reading the advice will enable you to recognise speed limits for different roads.
  2. Speed Limits are set for a good reason so do not exceed them. They are not a guide or a target, they are however, Compulsory.
  3. Stay focused on-the-job in hand, driving needs 100% concentration.
  4. Avoid loud music as this can be distracting.
  5. Do not use a mobile phone (even a built in or hands free set) research has shown that using a mobile phone while driving is akin to being drunk in charge of a car.
  6. Avoid eating or drinking while driving (many accidents have happened because of spillage while eating or drinking)
  7. Control your passengers. If their noisy, let them know their behaviour is a distraction to you driving safety and properly.
  8. Get in the habit of always driving just below the speed limit.
  9. Take a pride in the fact that you adhere to speed limits.
  10. Be vigilant, always look for speed limit signs and become familiar with your local areas speed limits.
  11. Set a good example to other drivers, if you adhere to the speed limit the chances are other drivers will follow your example.
  12. Get in the habit of checking your speedometer every couple of minutes particularly as the terrain or drive area changes.
  13. Slow down as you approach traffic lights, road junctions and roundabouts.
  14. Look out for pedestrians, stray animals, cyclists and motorcyclists.
  15. Choose the correct gear to maintain the right speed for the road.
  16. Assume in a built-up area with no obvious speed signs that the speed limit is 30mph or lower.
  17. Avoid tailgaters, let them pass and do not react.
  18. On long journeys. Plan well ahead and leave plenty of time.
  19. On every day commutes. Get in the habit of allowing an extra ten minutes.
  20. If you have had a stressful day, when you get in the car, give yourself five minutes to calm down and get your head in the right place before you drive home.

How to keep within the Speed Limit

Tips and Advice -Article No 54 RoadDriver 2010


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