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What Can I do to prevent myself becoming an Aggressive Driver?

  • Be in the right frame of mind before you get behind the wheel. Plan well in advance and allow plenty of time for your journey, expect the unexpected, understand that you cannot control the traffic only your reaction to it.
  • Don't let traffic congestion irritate you. Keep in mind that traffic congestion is often part of driving on Britain's overcrowded roads.
  • Accept that being late for work or to pick up the kids from school is better than endangering your life or that of other road users, better to arrive late than not to arrive at all.
  • If you're feeling angry or stressed calmly assess the situation, take a deep breath and focus on your breathing. Pay attention to each breath and try to keep a normal breathing pattern. Imagine with each breath; you are breathing out your anger stress and frustration which are now gently floating out of the car window. For some, listening to soothing music can help to dispel any feelings of anxiety. Remember, an angry or stressed driver is a potentially dangerous one.
  • Don't take it PERSONALLY. And don't make assumptions. Give other drivers the benefit of the doubt, they could be lost or unsure of their route or they could have an emergency. It's easy to think that another car driver has cut you off intentionally; He could well be a surgeon called from home to perform a life saving operation.
  • Be Polite and Courteous, even if the other driver is not. Avoid all conflict if possible. If another Driver challenges you, take a deep breath or count to three but above all move out of the way without reacting.
  • Where there is merging traffic, be courteous and let one in before you move forward. When entering traffic or changing lanes, make sure you signal and that you have enough room and be sure to establish a safe following distance between your vehicle and the one in front of you. If another driver is too close, slow down and safely move out of the way enabling the other vehicle to pass.
  • Don't react to hand or facial gestures and never return them, refuse to allow another driver, someone you do not know and will probably never meet again to dictate your mood or spoil your day.
  • Bear in mind that children learn from example, if you drive safely and courteously they will grow up to be considerate safe drivers.
  • The important thing to remember is that anger and aggression comes from within. No matter what the cause it can hurt and torment you. Aggression is bad for you, Bad for your health and is bad for those around you.
  • When driving always apply the common courtesy that you would show to family, friends or work colleagues. Remember driving is a partnership largely between strangers taking part in a common purpose; collaborate and we all benefit.

You can help improve driving standards by reporting bad or aggressive drivers to www.Roaddriver.co.uk

What Can I do to prevent myself becoming an Aggressive Driver?

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