Driving School Affiliate Programme

Our Affiliate Programme is designed to enhance your company profile and increase your market share. It is a self financing advertising and marketing tool that will help safeguard your current and former pupils. 

As signatories to the European Charter for Road Safety we are passionate about our commitment to road safety. Through our New Driver schemes our aim is to work with Driving Schools to help reduce road accidents and casualties among newly qualified drivers and their passengers. 

Our New Driver scheme has been specifically tailored to help dampen a teenagers natural enthusiasm to drive beyond their newly acquired capabilities. Our safety decals have been designed to appeal to the younger driver and are available in seven vibrant colour ways (Click logo to view colour choices).

Don't let your competitors have the edge! Being a successful driving school has always been a fine balance between income and pupil success. As an affiliate member of the RoadDriver Safety Programme you will be in a unique position to offer our New Driver Safety Scheme direct to pupils and their parent/guardians. In return your Driving School receives free advertising on your former pupils car for a full year absolutely free.

The schemes are a partnership between the parent, the driving school, the teenager and RoadDriver. They are designed to educate young drivers and to deter careless or unsafe driving behaviour that will inevitably lead to disastrous consequences for the driver, for any passengers and for their families.

Statistics show that once a pupil has left the tutelage of the driving school, it is in their first year of driving that they are at most risk, therefore, the main objective of the scheme is to dampen the natural enthusiasm of the newly qualified driver to drive recklessly or beyond his or her capabilities for their first year of driving.

Studies from similar schemes around the world have shown that if young drivers' know their driving habits are likely to be monitored; their behaviour changes resulting in a significant drop in risk taking and an overall improvement in their standard of driving which has resulted in less accidents. (See Hawthorne Effect tab above) 

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