Benefits of joining the RoadDriver Affiliate Program

Our affiliate programme is a partnership between RoadDriver and the Driving School sector.  The business model has been carefully designed to be self financing, helping driving schools improve their business whilst increasing their market share. 

Primarily the Driving School Safety Scheme is a targeted marketing tool aimed at existing and prospective clients. Many driving schools are put off advertising due to the exorbitant cost and the hit and miss nature of advertising. With the RoadDriver scheme your driving school details are prominently displayed on the outside rear of your former pupils car for a minimum of one year.

This means that if you were to sign up 50 of your pupils annually, at least 50 cars would be driving around your town streets advertising your business completely free of charge. On the other hand, if you don't subscribe to RoadDriver you are likely to see your competitors details being driven around for free.

The scheme has been specifically designed for the driving school to keep in contact with their former pupils and or their parents for a further year, giving rise to alternative and additional income streams. The scheme allows driving schools to work their business to achieve maximum growth and further income potential from :-

  • Free advertising.
  • Improved driving school awareness.
  • Increased referral rate.
  • Additional lessons to former pupils.
  • Increase take up of the Pass Plus Scheme.
  • Competitive edge over competition.
  • Enhance the overall professionalism of your Driving School.
  • Recognition for teaching how to drive safely and not just how to pass the DSA driving test.
  • Improving your Driving Schools public image as people associate our safety messages with a commitment to their own personal safety.
  • Helping to grow your business while protecting existing and future pupils.

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