How to Operate the Driving School Scheme

The scheme is an online driver monitoring system which uses positive safety messaging. When an incident report is received against a former pupils' car registration number; the driving school automatically receives an email from RoadDriver notifying them of the report which can then be viewed online. This gives the company an unique opportunity to make their former pupil and their Parent/guardian aware of the incident report which is usually a sobering enough occurrence to alter and improve their standard of driving and overall attitude towards road safety.

When you purchase schemes from RoadDriver the following comprehensive PDF help files can be found under the Docs/Help/Tools section of your online account.

RoadDriver Account Software Help Guide
Comprehensive yet easy to use guidlines on how to use your account software.

How to operate and promote the scheme
Guidelines on how to operate and promote the schemes.

How to administer the scheme
Guidelines on how to administer the schemes. 

RoadDriver/Driving School Safety Decals
Guidelines on how to fix and remove safety stickers. 

RoadDriver/Driving School Code of Conduct
Guidelines on how to abide by our code of conduct.

Conditions of Participation

In order to participate in the Driving School safety schemes, the company must undertake to abide by the RoadDriver Driving School Safety Code of Conduct.

RoadDriver reserves the right to refuse entry to the scheme and to remove any company or organisation that persistently or knowingly fall short of our code of conduct.


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