Why choose the Driving School Scheme?

In these difficult times, being one step ahead of the competition is a great advantage. The safety ethos of the scheme is likely to encourage all age groups to use your services. Being a certified member of the RoadDriver scheme offers an unparalleled opportunity to manage your business to its fullest potential with little or no cost to you.

Our driving school schemes have been designed to continue contact between the driving school and your former pupils for a minimum of one year. This further year of contact will provide a unique opportunity to earn extra income through additional targeted lessons, the pass plus course and further referrals. 

In addition to this incredible opportunity to earn extra income your driving school receives free advertising on the New Driver Safety decal which is placed on the rear of your former pupil’s car for all to see for a full year, longer if the scheme is extended. 

What if there are no reports?

Even if your former pupils do not receive any negative reports, the schemes allow you to be proactive in communicating with your former pupils and their parents to either compliment on a positive reports or a period of no reports. 

This gives you a unique opportunity to discuss with the parent/guardians how they think their son or daughters’ driving is progressing. This dialogue helps cement the relationship and usually leads to further business opportunities.

The schemes are a partnership between RoadDriver and the driving school. While the schemes will help to increase a driving schools revenue, they are primarily designed to educate young drivers and to deter careless or unsafe driving behaviour. 

The schemes have proved most effective where parents have introduced a reward system on a monthly or quarterly basis. For example, if a teenager’s car has not received a negative report within a specified period, a Cinema, Food or Clothing voucher may be a fitting form of reward. 

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