Why choose the RoadDriver Fleet Scheme?

Why choose RoadDriver?

As signatories to the European Charter for Road Safety we are passionate about our commitment to help companies avoid and reduce road accidents involving their workforce.  We also care deeply about our planet and are equally avid about helping company’s reduce their carbon footprint by promoting eco-driving as endorsed by the United Nations Environment Programme. 

Positive Decals
The positive safety messages are designed to show that your company takes road safety seriously whilst reducing your Co2 emissions. Our decals also warn fellow motorists and cyclists travelling behind your vehicles that they too should heed the safety advice. 

A second sticker is positioned inside the vehicle, fixed either to the windscreen or on the sun visor. This reminds the driver that the vehicles registration number has been logged on our reporting data base. This reminder has a psychological effect that acts as a deterrent against unsafe driving while encouraging the driver to drive carefully and in a eco-friendly manner.

This specific psychological approach to safety messaging has a twofold advantage. Firstly, as our decals do not encourage the motoring public to complain, this helps overcome the commercial or haulage driver’s natural reluctance to engage in a driver monitoring scheme and secondly, this powerful safety and environmentally friendly message promotes your company as a responsible business both to the wider community and most importantly to your existing and prospective customers.

Other reasons to choose RoadDriver

  • We start from the premise that reputable haulage and commercial companies adhere to HSE and VOSA guidelines and only employ responsible professional drivers.
  • Unlike our competitors, our decals do not invite the motoring public to telephone to complain about a driver.
  • The company and or the driver have a right to reply to any incident reports.
  • Commercial drivers for the first time are able to share their experiences on the road by reporting other motorist’s bad driving behaviour to RoadDriver.
  • The RoadDriver scheme has been purposefully designed to help overcome driver reluctance in joining a safety monitoring scheme.
  • Our scheme can assist companies to reduce their carbon footprint and at the same time fulfill their legal obligations under Health and Safety regulations.
  • Unlike tiresome paper based schemes; our Online Management Software makes record keeping quick, simple and easy to use.
  • Instant email messaging to incident reports.

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