Free sticker when you join our Safety Initiative

While tailgating and aggressive driving is on the increase, many accidents are simply caused by drivers traveling too close to the vehicle in front. As part of the RoadDriver safety initiative we are giving away free car stickers to encourage drivers to keep a safe distance. 

Similar message board safety schemes around the world have proved very successful at reminding drivers to back off and to deter those drivers who engage in acts of reckless overtaking and pushing in.

Dangerous and Aggressive Drivers

A RoadDriver THINK! safety sticker on the rear of your car warns dangerous or aggressive drivers' to stay clear.  These types of drivers' thrive on the anonymity their car affords them. If they are aware that their driving standards can be reported to RoadDriver, their loss of anonymity should act as a deterrent.

Psychologists refer to this phenomenon as the "Hawthorne Effect" following studies by behavioural psychologist Professor Elton Mayo. A practical example of this human reaction is witnessed every day by British police officers. For instance, when a driver is aware that they have a police car in their rear-view mirror, their standard of driving noticeably improves.

Become a Road Safety Ambassador

Help encourage drivers to drive carefully by joining our THINK! Road Safety Initiative. All you need to do is register as an individual user and we will send you a "Please Keep a Safe Distance" car sticker absolutely free. Registering for a free sticker creates a user account which will also entitle you to file incident reports.

Please read our terms and conditions of usage for our RoadDriver Stickers.