Insurance/Broker Scheme

Our Affiliate Insurance and Broker Programme is designed to help increase brand awareness, market share and renewal rates while simultaneously helping to reduce the accident toll among your young driver policy holders.

RoadDriver fully understands the need for young driver motor insurers to balance the desire to attract new customers with filtering out bad or high risk applicants. Any tool that will add to the underwriting process or give insurers the opportunity to Nip in the Bud any driving misdemeanours’ by their current policy holders must be of great value.

We have two schemes on offer:

Our New Driver Safety Scheme has been specifically tailored to help dampen a young person’s natural enthusiasm to drive beyond their newly acquired capabilities and to deter passengers from interfering with the safe operation of the motor vehicle. This scheme is designed for novice drivers who are in their first or second year of driving. (Click logo to view designs)

Our Registered Member Scheme is for those young drivers who have a few of years of driving experience under their belt. This scheme uses a more discrete decal but has all the features of the new driver scheme. The decal has the benefit of our “Please Keep Your Distance” notice borrowed from our THINK! Campaign Road safety initiative. (Click logo to view designs)

The safety schemes are a partnership between the insurance company or brokerage, the young driver, and RoadDriver. As an affiliate member of the RoadDriver Safety Programme you will be in a unique position to offer our Safety Monitoring Schemes direct to young driver applicants and where appropriate their parent/guardians.

While helping to reduce the likelihood of your policy holders engaging in acts of unsafe driving, your business will benefit from free advertising on the windscreen and rear of your policy holders car for a minimum of one year.  

Studies from similar schemes around the world have shown that if young drivers' know their driving habits are likely to be monitored; their behaviour changes resulting in a significant drop in risk taking and an overall improvement in their standard of driving which has resulted in less accidents. (See Hawthorne Effect tab above)