Police Policy

For most law abiding citizens the only time we come into contact with the police is on the road. We are fortunate to live in a country where the police are impartial, well trained, professional and like you and I can and do get held accountable for there actions.

RoadDriver strongly urges all drivers to support the police, they do an important job sometimes under very difficult circumstances. While the police help to keep us safe on the road, they are also responsible for investigating and dealing with the aftermath of road accidents. 

In 1980 there were 19 million vehicles on UK roads, currently there are over 36 million an increase of 90% yet Police Traffic Divisions are grossly undermanned, undervalued and seriously under funded. RoadDriver urges government to increase funding in this vital area of public service.

While we agree the Highways Agency’s Traffic officers (HATOs) are a valuable resource in helping to keep our motorways and carriage ways flowing particularly after accidents and breakdowns, we believe that only police officers can influence criminal activity and the way people drive on our roads.

Apart from the human suffering; preventable road accidents and criminal activity on our roads cost industry and the taxpayer billions of pounds per year. A far cheaper option would be to significantly increase the numbers of existing police officers available for traffic duty. We believe that with substantially more police officers patrolling our roads, criminal activity, accident, death and injury rates would plummet with a resultant savings to the taxpayer far in excess of the increased police costs.

To show our support for the police, RoadDriver has given over part of our website for the sole use of Her Majesties Police Forces to help with police appeals for witnesses to road accidents or other incidents. We suggest you view this section to see if you can help. Click - Police Appeals

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