Basic Car Maintenance

Basic Car Maintenance

We strongly advise you to refer to your cars Handbook or Manual for the correct maintenance procedures.

  1. Coolant - Check the coolant-antifreeze level weekly when the engine is cold. (Note! Severe Danger of Scalding - never try to remove the filler cap from the radiator or header tank bottle until the engine has sufficiently cooled down. (You should wait at least 20mins)
  2. Oil - Check the oil level weekly especially if you drive an old car.
  3. Transmission fluid - Check gearbox fluid quarterly
  4. Power Steering Fluid - If you have power steering check the fluid monthly.
  5. Brake Fluid - Check brake fluid monthly.
  6. Tyres - Check your tyre pressure regularly (see handbook for correct pressure and don't forget the spare). Most tyre centres offer a free service to check the depth and wear of your tyres, with some centre's offering to check your brake pads and brake shoes for wear at the same time. They are the experts use them, if nothing else it will allow you to budget for future needs.
  7. Fuel - Don't wait for the last-minute to fill-up with fuel, try to keep your tank half full, adopt a little and often policy to help preserve this amount of fuel in the tank. Keeping the tank half full will give you peace of mind and will save you money on petrol consumption.
  8. Washer Fluid - Check the window washer fluid weekly, more often in the winter or in inclement weather.
  9. Wipers - Check your windscreen wipers monthly, again most tyre and brake centres will do this free for you.
  10. Windscreen - A clean windscreen is essential for safe driving. Clean your windscreen daily.
  11. Lights - Check your lights daily for any faults or blown bulbs. Clean light lens lamps regularly (refer to your manual on how to replace bulbs).
  12. Warning Lights - Never leave warning lights on your dashboard to chance. Check your handbook or manual to see if it is still safe to drive, if so, take your car to the nearest garage for a technician to double check that it is safe to continue your journey. Remember if in doubt - Sort it out!
  13. Music - If it is your practice to drive while listening to the radio or loud music, try driving for a few minutes a day without the radio on and listen for any unusual or strange noises. If you discover a strange noise that you can't identify or you are in anyway concerned about have your garage look in to it.
  14. Oil leaks - Check regularly under your car where you normally park for any signs of oil or coloured fluid on the ground. If you discover oil or fluid stains get your garage to have a look. Discovering oil or fluid stains does not necessarily mean there is a major fault, it could well be just a simple rubber seal needs replacing, but don't leave it, get it checked out.
  15. Service - Having your car regularly serviced by a reputable garage will help lessen the chances of a breakdown.

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