Does Eco-Driving improve road safety?

'Eco-safe Driving' is a recognised and proven style of driving. It contributes to road safety while reducing fuel consumption and emissions and is part of the EU 3rd Directive on Driving Licences, which reflects the increased awareness and need for economical and environmentally friendly driving” Driving Standards Agency.

“Eco-driving / safe driving- Evidence shows that drivers using eco-driving techniques have less accidents. The benefits of eco-driving in respect to road safety: driving is safer, due to greater anticipation and less erratic and unpredictable behaviour. Report by Annie Canal -Energy and Transport European Commission.

“Eco-driving is a set of steps, techniques and behaviours that drivers can employ in preparation of the vehicle before a journey, in planning the journey, in modifying driving style during the journey and in reviewing trip data after the journey, that can, taken together, lead to savings (at times, significant ones) in terms of fuel usage, trip cost, emissions of CO2 and other pollution, and levels of noise from vehicle use. These savings can be realised for relatively low cost compared to other kinds of efforts to reduce the environmental impacts of car use. In addition, trips made with eco-driving techniques can, in many cases, be linked to improved road safety; moreover, the use of such techniques does not increase journey times”. RAC Foundation.

“Eco-Driving  improves road safety as well as the quality of the local and global environment and saves fuel and costs. All three benefits are important for furthering Eco-Driving. Different benefits facilitate bringing Eco-Driving to different stakeholders and policy fields and their activities. Additionally Eco-Driving provides direct benefits to the drivers and the passengers: More comfort and a relaxed atmosphere”. ECOWILL - Sustainable Energy Europe.

“The EST emphasises that eco-driving, in addition to bringing about financial and environmental improvements, also encourages safer and less stressful driving” Energy Saving Trust

“Eco-Driving is a proven & growing driving style that encompasses a style of driving that leads to a safe, considerate, comfortable, efficient, economic, environmentally friendly method that lead to reduced air and noise pollution & fuel savings for the individual and corporate organisation”. UK Road Safety Ltd.

“Eco-safe driving is a recognised and proven style of driving that can contribute to safer roads and a greener environment¹. Thinking about the type of car and the way you drive is your first step to embracing the principles of eco-safe driving”. Road Safety Scotland.

 “Eco-driving techniques and safer motoring go hand-in-hand. The combination of smooth driving inputs and anticipating traffic conditions, essential to both driving techniques, not only reduce fuel costs and CO2 emissions but also make motorists less likely to be involved in an incident”. TomTom International.

“Eco-driving and fleet efficiency management are designed to change the behaviour of individual drivers and the car culture of organisations. Eco-driving can lead to cost savings, better road safety, and reduced air and noise pollution through awareness of speed, deceleration, gear shift timing and tyre pressure”. Transport Research Laboratory. TRL is an internationally recognised centre of excellence providing world-class research, consultancy, product testing covering all aspects of transport.

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