Profile of an Aggressive driver

There is no one profile that fits aggressive drivers; they come from all walks of life from the boardroom to the shop-floor. They are from all races, both higher and lower social economic and educational backgrounds. They can be of any age or gender but research has shown that young men in particular between the ages of eighteen to thirty-five are more likely to drive fast and or aggressively.

They drive in such a manner to significantly increase the chance of an accident. They are high-risk drivers, more likely to drink and drive, speed, or drive unbelted.

The anonymity offered to them by being cocooned in their vehicle allows them to adopt a "King of the Road" attitude. They consider vehicles as objects and fail to consider the human element involved; therefore, they seldom consider the consequences of their actions.

These people may only vent their fury behind the wheel of a car, but those who lose their temper at home and at work are more likely to blow their top behind the wheel.

Their pent-up frustration levels are usually high and their level of concern for their fellow motorists and other road users is contemptuously low. Characteristically they are often cynic's, more judgmental of other drivers, are rude by nature and are prone to retaliate at the slightest mistake. They are also vengeful and have retaliatory thoughts about other drivers. They often surmise ways to physically harm drivers while driving their own vehicle in a selfish and aggressive manner.

Their impatience and competitiveness leads them to shout, honk their horn and flash their lights at motorists. They often make offensive gestures when they believe you have not been cooperative enough in their rush to get to where they are going.

To force their way ahead, they drive inches from your bumper, weave in and out of traffic and overtake vehicles on the left. They often fly past you and then cut you off with inches to spare.  They decline to stop at T-junctions; run through red lights, fail to signal and drive at speeds far more than the legal speed limit.

Profile of an Aggressive driver Tips and Advice Article No22  RoadDriver 2010

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