The Impact of Convictions on Insurance Prices

Dangerous driving and speeding not only puts motorists at risk, but is also costing drivers £3.3 million every year in the UK alone. 

This is according to, who have conducted research into the impact of driving offences on car insurance prices. It was revealed that having convictions on a driving record can increase the car insurance premiums motorists are offered by up to 65% in some cases. This is due to insurers acting on the assumption that motorists with a conviction to their name are statistically more likely to be involved in an accident and make a claim.

The impact of convictions

Insurance companies apply different levels of financial penalty to motorists based on the seriousness of their offence. The following table looks at the financial penalties that would be applied to an average employed 30 year old male driver with a Ford Mondeo who is married with two children:


Car insurance premium offered

Total percentage increase

No convictions


Base premium rate

Minor conviction- i.e. Following another car too closely



Two minor convictions- i.e. following another car too closely and failing to wear a seat belt



One major conviction- i.e. failing to stop after an accident




As can be seen from the above table, minor convictions for things such as following another vehicle too closely only adds a marginal increase of 9%. However, major convictions such as failing to stop after involvement in an accident are likely to increase premiums by up to 64%. With the AA reporting that the average motorist paid 40% more for car insurance this year than in 2010, surely this is an expense which most motorists can not afford.

This might be enough to force some motorists off the road, with young drivers under the age of 21 having been particularly badly hit by recent insurance price hikes. Research by recently found that 5% of motorists have been forced off the road by fuel and insurance prices rises over the past couple of years.

Steve Sweeney, the head of Motor Insurance at, added: “The cost of car insurance can be high enough for young men, but added to that, speeding convictions can mean points on your licence and can potentially double your insurance premium, as well as landing you with a fine of up to £1,000.”

Expert comment

Car insurance expert Peter Harrison has pointed out that drivers committing these motoring offences are not only endangering the lives of themselves and others, but are also attracting larger car insurance premiums, at a time when many people can not afford the additional expense:

“Insurers clearly take a dim view on policy holders who speed and this is reflected in higher car insurance prices…Not only are motorists who flout the law by speeding risking the lives of other road users and pedestrians as well as their own, they also run the risk of adding to the existing headache of sky high car insurance premiums.”

Article written by Mark Martin -

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