What is Eco-Driving

Eco-driving is a driving style that is both ecological and economical - it is a combination of Safe driving, Defensive driving and Anticipatory driving.

This combination of driving styles encourages drivers to use their vehicle in an environmentally efficient way to improve road safety, reduce fuel consumption and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

While driving, an eco-driver anticipates what other road users are likely to do to impede the smooth and unrestricted flow of their vehicle. As they drive they consider what impact traffic lights, pedestrian crossings, road layouts will have on their choice of gear, engine revolutions,’ braking and acceleration actions in order to achieve maximum drive to the wheels for the least amount of fuel expended and engine effort.

Obviously the choice of vehicle can and does make an enormous difference when it comes to fuel consumption and Co2 emissions, but for most of us adopting an eco-friendly style of driving will have a positive impact both financially and on the environment.

The Benefits of Environmentally Efficient Driving


·         Reduce use and demand for non-renewable fuels.

·         Reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

·         Help improve overall air quality.

·         Reduce ambient noise levels.

Benefits to your vehicle

·         Increase the life of the engine and drive train components.

·         Reduce the need to change tires and brake pads as often.

Benefits to you and your family

·         Contributes to preserving the environment.

·         Healthier environment in which to walk

·         Reduce running costs and fuel consumption, lower spend on vehicle

          maintenance and lower insurance costs.

·         Reduce stress.

·         Increase safety.

What can you do?

There are several ways to help reduce the amount of CO2 being

pumped into the atmosphere and, at the same time, save you time and

money through decreased fuel consumption. It could be a small change,

such as making sure you fully tighten your fuel cap, to a big change,

like better route planning. Whatever you change, it will make a difference.

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