RoadDriver has closed

After years of supporting our customers and drivers alike, we've decided to close RoadDriver.

Road safety is something we've always been passionate about – and will continue to be. But for RoadDriver to really have an impact on the safety of our roads, it needs a team that can spend time crafting the core product and its purpose.

Ideas are a tormenting thing. They don’t come to mind when you need them the most and other times they taunt you while you’re neck deep in other projects, too busy to pay them any attention.

As a small team, we have found ourselves sifting through many ideas that come and go, never in the same form twice as we sit distracted by the day to day runnings of RoadDriver.

Where driving behaviour reports sit in the landscape of the future, with driverless cars and a shift to renting vehicles, we'll sadly not be there to help.

Thank you for being part of our journey.

What happened with my data?

We closed the website on Friday 25th August 2017, when all report and customer data was be destroyed.