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How to submit or view vehicle Reports

To check or to view any previous reports filed against a particular vehicle; enter the vehicles registration number above.

If you wish to file an incident report or compliment a drivers behaviour, you need to submit a report.

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You can check vehicle registration numbers on our database as often as you wish, although for security reasons and to guard against malicious reports you will need a valid email address to file a report.

The purpose of our licence plate reporting service is to bring to a driver's attention, his or her driving behaviour and attitude as witnessed by their fellow drivers'. It is as important to submit complimentary reports on witnessing good standards of driving as it is to report bad or inconsiderate drivers.

Honesty is an absolute necessity for the lawful operation of our licence plate reporting service. Anything less renders our website and your individual report useless. We are not a Road Rage site or a conduit for your anger, if you want to scream, shout, or abuse, please do not use this site. See our Incident report policy