Vehicle Hire Safety Scheme

The notion the self-drive hire and leasing sector cannot influence the actions of the hire or leasing driver is very much outdated. RoadDriver's Driver Monitoring Scheme is designed to alter driver behaviour reducing careless incidents and accidental damage caused to the hire or leased vehicle. 

One of the most contentious issues for hire and leasing companies is disputes over vehicle damage. Industry figures show between 4% and 10% of all hire or leased vehicles suffer some form of careless or accidental damage within the first three months of use with considerably more cosmetic damage sustained by long term leasing contracts.

To limit vehicle damage and keep insurance claims to a minimum, it is essential for hire and leasing companies to be proactive in influencing the amount of incidents where damage occurs. With our Driver Monitoring Scheme, the hirer or leaser loses his or her anonymity and thus the freedom to drive the hired or leased vehicle in a careless or thoughtless manner. 

The scheme is an online driver monitoring system which uses two safety decal stickers per vehicle. The first sticker is our Vehicle Hire decal which is fixed to the rear of the hired or leased vehicle.  The second decal is a safety prompt sticker which is positioned inside the vehicle either on the windscreen or sun visor to ask the driver to drive carefully and to alert the driver that his or her vehicle’s registration number is being monitored by RoadDriver. The choice of stickers used will depend on the type of vehicle. 

When an incident report is received against the hired or leased vehicles registration number; the hire or leasing company automatically receives an email from RoadDriver notifying them of the report which can be viewed online. This gives the company an unique opportunity to make the hirer or leaser aware of the incident report which is usually a sobering enough occurrence to alter and improve their standard of driving for the remainder of the hire or leasing period.