Vehicle Hire - The Cost? - How to Buy?

How much does it Cost?

The Vehicle Hire safety scheme costs on average just 3 pence a day per vehicle. A single scheme costs £12.00 annually including VAT and p&p.; This competitive low price also includes the cost of administering the scheme plus your vehicles decal stickers.

The Scheme is sold either singularly up to 24 schemes or in packs of 25 schemes which attract multiple discounts which can lower the cost to just over two pence per vehicle daily.  (You can click the Buy Now button to view the pricing structure, this does not commit you to buy) 

Replacement decals can be purchased from £5.00 to £8.00 each depending on size and use including p&p.;

How to buy the scheme

Option 1
You can purchase the safety schemes by credit or debit card up to a 100 schemes through our online store by clicking the Buy Now button at the top or bottom of this page.

Option 2
If you prefer RoadDriver to invoice you direct, you can purchase up to a 100 safety schemes through our online store by clicking the Buy Now
 button at the top or bottom of this page and by choosing the Invoice me option in the shopping cart at the payment stage.

Option 3
If you wish to purchase more than a 100 safety schemes; you should first register your interest by clicking the Scheme Support button at the bottom of this page. Once you have registered your interest, one of our customer advisors will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your requirements. Our support member will work out an advantageous price for you and answer any queries you may have.

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