Vehicle Hire Online Management Software

Online Management Software

As the power of the internet continues to grow, so does our driver monitoring productivity enhancing safety features. No more wasted time searching for paper or replacing lost documents.

Our Online Management System enables hire and leasing companies to be proactive and reactive to driver safety issues. Our software uses a web-based platform with a password protected sign-in utility which allows access to your account from any location with an internet connection.

The system exploits all the benefits of an online application, there is no need to install any software or application upgrades. With RoadDriver you can access fleet hire and leasing safety information the moment you need it, wherever you need it, all managed from the convenience of a Web browser.

Our online risk management software offers hire and leasing managers the ability to collect and track safety data in a central data portal that can identify hire or leaser risks, while streamlining the monitoring, reporting and management processes of the scheme.

This system provides companies with the tools to manage the scheme with absolute ease. Your online account is comprehensive but straightforward to use. It automatically records when safety schemes were purchased and when they were assigned to individual vehicles.

To aid management, vehicles assigned safety reports are highlighted and archived as resolved or unresolved. They are viewable instantly and can be singled out as date sensitive coupled with online action reminders. Reports can be marked or scribed with whatever action your organisation has taken in response to the report. For example, Report settled in favour of company.

Statistics show it’s usually a relatively small number of drivers that present the greatest risk to a hire and leasing company’s fleet. The RoadDriver monitoring scheme will highlight those hire or leasing drivers who pose the greatest safety risk. 

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