Why choose the RoadDriver Hire Scheme?

Why choose RoadDriver?

As signatories to the European Charter for Road Safety we are passionate about our commitment to help companies avoid and reduce road accidents involving their hire or leasing vehicles. We are the first driver monitoring company to offer the hire and leasing industry a cost effective way of influencing how their vehicles are driven.

We will work in partnership with you to help reduce operating costs by encouraging the hire or leasing driver to treat your vehicles with respect and to drive in an appropriate manner. 

Our goal is to help safeguard your fleet investment by reducing accident and incident rates while enhancing the reputation of your company as a business that is committed to road safety.

Positive Decals
The positive safety messages are designed to show the hire or leasing driver that your company takes road safety seriously whilst informing fellow motorists who travel behind your vehicles that they too should heed the safety advice.

A second sticker is positioned inside the vehicle, fixed either to the windscreen or on the sun visor. This reminds the driver that the vehicles registration number has been logged on our reporting data base. This reminder has a psychological effect that acts as a deterrent against unsafe driving while encouraging the driver to drive carefully.

By using a combination of informative signage inside the vehicle and positive decal messaging on the rear, our aim is to instill an obligation on the part of the hirer or leaser to drive carefully.

We believe this careful psychological approach will have a positive effect on the hire and leasing industries cost base while hopefully making a significant contribution to road safety. 

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