Young Driver Safety Scheme

In the UK, 5 young people die every week in car crashes, A fifth of people killed or seriously injured in a reported road accident in Great Britain during 2012 were involved in a collision where at least one of the cars was driven by a young driver. Around 22 per cent of all accidents involved at least one young driver. The 32,400 accidents involving at least one young car driver resulted in 350 deaths and more than 4,100 seriously injured casualties.(RRCGB) 2013.

With very good reason, many parents often feel helpless and vulnerable the moment their teenager starts driving. In the United Kingdom, teenagers are involved in three times more crashes than other drivers and are 10 times more likely to be killed or injured than drivers in their 40's. This is mainly due to inexperience, immaturity and a natural risk-taking behaviour common among young drivers, especially males.

Our New Driver scheme has been specifically tailored to help dampen a teenagers natural enthusiasm to drive beyond their newly acquired capabilities. Our safety decals have been designed to appeal to the younger driver and are available in seven vibrant colour ways (Click decal on left to view colour choices).

Following your teenager passing their driving test; a New Driver decal is fixed to the rear of their car for a period of one year. The safety scheme decal is designed to show that the New Driver is taking road safety seriously whilst at the same time warning fellow motorists travelling behind their car that they should be patient of a new driver.

A warning sticker is positioned inside the vehicle, fixed either to the  windscreen or on the sun visor.  This reminds the driver and any  passengers* that the vehicles registration number has been  logged on our reporting data base. This reminder has a  psychological effect that acts as a deterrent against unsafe or reckless driving. 

As signatories to the European Charter for Road Safety our goal is to help parent/guardians avoid the heartache of losing a family member or to watch a loved one struggle with a life long disability.

Reports are made against the cars registration number only. No personal details that would allow a driver to be identified are permitted. If RoadDriver receives a report against your teenager’s car, you as the parent/guardian will automatically receive an email message informing you that an incident report has been lodged against the cars registration number which can then be viewed via our website. 

Recent research shows that teenagers are far more likely to drive recklessly when their peer group are on board with the risk of an accident increasing by 25% with each passenger.

To help Parent/guardians at this vulnerable time, please check out our tips and advice pages on teenage driving at the top of this page.

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