Benefits of joining our Young Driver Scheme

There cannot be a better benefit than keeping your son or daughter free from death or injury

Studies from similar schemes around the world has shown that if young drivers' know their driving habits are likely to be monitored; their behaviour changes resulting in a significant drop in risk taking and an overall improvement in their standard of driving which has resulted in less accidents. 

Our Driver Monitoring Schemes can guard against four of the biggest threats to teenage drivers

1. Talking on a mobile phone – Over recent year’s mobile phone use among young people has escalated to epidemic proportions. Some studies have shown the increased likelihood of an accident to be four times the normal rate when a driver is using a mobile phone. As a result accidents involving teenagers using mobiles while driving has increased considerably.

2. Texting - This is a fairly recent habit that many people participate in and is known to be an unsafe and hazardous activity. Teenagers especially are prone to receive and answer a text message while behind the wheel and that combined with driving inexperience makes them very vulnerable to having an accident.

3. Loud Music – Modern music systems that can function using iphones, ipods and MP3 players present a real and present danger to the young driver. Loss of concentration due to programming or using these devices while driving has contributed to many accidents with some sadly resulting in fatalities.

4. Carrying Passengers - Research shows that peer pressure can encourage bad driving behaviour and often leads to young drivers ‘showing off’ to their passengers. Research from the United States shows that compared to driving alone, carrying one peer passenger increases a young drivers’ fatality risk by 25%, whereas carrying three peer passengers increases the fatality risk almost five-fold.

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