Why choose the Young Driver Safety Scheme?

Why choose RoadDriver?

We are the first UK driver monitoring company to offer parents and guardians a specially tailored safety scheme designed to influence how your teenagers drive after they have passed their test.

We will work in partnership with you to help reduce the likely hood of your teenagers being involved in reckless or unsafe driving behaviour by encouraging them to view driving as a serious undertaking and not as a rite of passage.

Our goal is to help safeguard your loved ones by instilling a cautious but positive attitude to road safety and while your teenager may be tempted to emulate Lewis Hamilton or Jenson Button, it is our job to dampen a teenager’s natural instinct to show off while behind the wheel.

The scheme is a partnership between the parent, the teenager and RoadDriver. It is designed to educate young drivers and to deter careless or unsafe driving behaviour that can undoubtedly lead to disastrous consequences for the driver, for any passengers and for their families.

What if there are no reports?

Even if your son or daughter doesn't receive any negative reports, the scheme allows you to be proactive with their driving by either complimenting on a positive report, or a period of no reports. This gives you a unique opportunity to discuss with your teenager how they think their driving is progressing. This may highlight an area of concern which can then be addressed before it becomes a problem.

The scheme has proved most effective where parents or guardians have introduced a reward system on a monthly or quarterly basis. For example, if your teenagers’ car has not received a negative report within a specified period, a Cinema, Food or Clothing voucher may be a fitting form of reward as it would also be for a positive driving report.



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