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Why we do what we do

The latest Department of Transport annual casualty report (RRCGB) published in September 2013 shows that in 2012 there were 195,723 accidents reported to police in which 1754 people died and 23,039 were seriously injured. However, the report estimates that 710,000 road casualties actually occur on UK roads annually. This means that half a million accidents that happen on UK roads go unreported to police. (National Travel Survey data 2008-2012)

Our Aim

Our objective is to influence driver behaviour by reinforcing the driver's responsibility to drive within set speed limits and in an appropriate manner and at the same time provide the means to compliment and recognise good driving behaviour. We also aim to promote the substantial cost savings and environmental benefits of eco-safe driving. We have a collective responsibility to keep ourselves and each other safe, so whether you're a fleet driver, motorist, cyclist, motorcyclist, horse-rider, pedestrian or jogger; when using roads, stay alert and be considerate to all who use the UK road network.

Our Passion

We are committed to road safety and are members of The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) we are also proud signatories to the European Charter for Road Safety. 
Similarly, we care passionately about our planet and the damage that Co2 emissions and other exhaust pollutants do to our environment and to our health. Our driver monitoring schemes promote eco-safe driving as a way of reducing these green house gases as endorsed by the United Nations Environment Programme.

Who can benefit from our Road Safety and Co2 reduction Schemes

Motorists and Business users

Participation in our schemes acts as a silent coach encouraging drivers to drive safely and in a eco-friendly manner. Recent RAC and RSA studies show that driving safely and adopting an eco-friendly approach to driving reduces Co2 emissions and can achieve a saving of between 10% and 20% on fuel costs.

Haulage Industry

Our Professional Drivers Scheme is an online driver monitoring system that helps companies fulfil their obligations under Health and Safety laws whilst contributing to the reduction in their Co2 emissions and operating costs. Validated statistics from similar commercial schemes in the United States and Canada have shown on average a 22% drop in accidents, a reduction in accident costs of over 50% and a reduction in fuel costs of 10% to 35%.

Vehicle Hire Sector

The notion that the self-drive hire and leasing sector cannot influence the actions of the hire or leasing driver is very much outdated. RoadDriver's Driver Monitoring Scheme is designed to alter driver behaviour reducing careless incidents and accidental damage while reducing Co2 gases and operating costs. Less damage means a cleaner fleet and higher resale values.

Schools and Colleges

Our Minibus driver monitoring scheme will help academic institutions keep their pupils and students safe while reducing Co2 and saving money on fuel and vehicle operating costs. The scheme will also help institutions to fulfil their legal obligations under Road Traffic and Health and Safety at Work laws.

Company Car Operators

Our Company Car Driver Monitoring Scheme will help businesses reduce their Co2 emissions while saving on fuel and operating costs. It will also help to reduce road accidents and incidents involving company vehicles. The scheme will assist companies to fulfil their legal duty of care under HSE "Driving for Work" Laws and where appropriate VOSA regulations.

Young and New Drivers

In the UK, 5 young people die every week in car crashes, A fifth of people killed or seriously injured in a reported road accident in Great Britain during 2012 were involved in a collision where at least one of the cars was driven by a young driver. Around 22 per cent of all accidents involved at least one young driver. The 32,400 accidents involving at least one young car driver resulted in 350 deaths and more than 4,100 seriously injured casualties.(RRCGB) 2013. Our New Driver Monitoring Scheme can help protect your teenager for just 3pence a day.

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